The Empty Seat is a show about one man's adventures on a tandem bicycle as he rides across the country seeking fellow travelers to join him on the journey. Although each adventure takes him through national parks, historic towns and scenic locations, the real story is not the landscape along the route, but the people who climb aboard and help him pedal to the next destination.

To ride on the Empty Seat, you don't need to be an expert cyclist. You don't need to wear those fancy black lycra shorts with a matching top. Heck, you don't even need to be in great shape (although that would be helpful, especially in the uphill sections). Instead, you just need to be someone with a story to tell, someone who possesses a general understanding of how a bicycle works, and most importantly, someone willing to interrupt the flow of life to do something adventurous, offbeat, and potentially meaningful.



Find out more about our show, our goals, our methods, and where to view some the adventures we've already had, on The Empty Seat.

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