The Empty Seat is a travel show about Brian Wall's adventures on a tandem bike. It is basically a travelogue of different areas of the country told through the stories of the people who climb on board and help Brian pedal. Brian is the "host" of the show and the filmmaker and creative inspiration behind the show is Tyler Wall.

The show works kind of like this: The team picks an area of the country they think would be interesting to their audience (San Francisco, Highway 33, Alaska). The location is posted on their website weeks in advance and advertised through local media. Potential riders can contact the team through the website to sign up for a section of the adventure (a section can be anywhere from a 1/2 mile to 50 miles). The other riders for the trip are purely spontaneous. Brian stops by at local diners, pubs, or just rides around town inviting residents to be a part of the show.

Once a rider agrees to climb aboard, Tyler starts the microphone and cameras.   During the adventure, Brian interviews each rider to find out more about the town or area of the country through the lens of the rider's experiences.  After Brian completes the entire trip, Tyler takes the footage of all individual rides and creates an Empty Seat episode.

All riders are given an Empty Seat shirt and invited to look for footage of their ride on this website and also on our Facebook page (


The Empty Seat is a unique travel show. I really like the interviews with the riders and the videography is awesome. I’d like to go for a ride myself.
— Carl Carlsen